Kenney condemns throne speech for ignoring crisis in Alberta’s energy sector, warns of weakening national unity

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Statistics Canada reported Wednesday that employment in the natural resources sector fell 7.3 per cent, the steepest decline ever recorded, as a result of plummeting commodity prices.

“43,000 people lost their good-paying jobs,” Kenney said, referring to the report. “Every one of these jobs lost represents a family that is disrupted, the uncertainty of how to pay bills or a mortgage, and questions about how folks are going to get food on the table.”

In a statement earlier in the day, Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley criticized both the federal and provincial governments for not having a plan for economic recovery.

“We need a bold economic vision for the future of Alberta — and we need it now,” she said. “It’s clear neither the federal or provincial government has any plan for bringing Alberta out of recession and into recovery. Alberta has been the hardest hit among all Canadian provinces and yet there was no mention of specific support in today’s Throne Speech.”

In Ottawa, the federal Conservatives have said they will not be supporting the throne speech, meaning the Liberals will have to depend on one of the other political parties to keep their minority government afloat.

Federal Conservative deputy opposition leader Candice Bergen said the government should have said how it planned to help resource workers.

“There was no real words of unity. No words that said to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba … B.C: ‘We value you, we value our natural resources,’ ” she said.

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