Kenney says Ottawa can’t pay for throne speech promises without Alberta’s energy sector

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“Jason Kenney made it clear today that he is willing to put his own political interest over the possibility of a long-awaited and long overdue national drug plan. This self-serving decision will undermine the quality and affordability of the health care of millions of Albertans,” she said in a statement Thursday.

“This is an abdication of leadership.” 

Kenney’s conviction that the demand for oil and gas will grow is unchanged despite reports that Shell is planning to slash oil and gas production by up to 40 per cent in favour of renewables to prepare for a transition to green energy amid a growing push for electric vehicles.

Kenney denied that transportation is where most oil is consumed. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers estimates that 65 per cent of a barrel of oil used in Canada goes towards transportation, including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

“If you really think that a billion people in India who desperately want to move to a higher standard of living are all going to be driving Teslas 15 years from now, then you’re disconnected from reality,” Kenney said.

“That is to say, there are billions of people around the world living in extreme energy poverty, they don’t have the luxury of repeating all of these kinds of California-style pieties, they want to stop burning cow dung.

“They want to be able to electrify their homes, they want to have affordable, reliable energy through much of Asia, Latin America, Africa and elsewhere, where the vast majority of the world’s population lives.”

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