Thursday’s letters: Kenney pursues his own ideological fancies

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Second, Quebec does not benefit from equalization “on the basis of need.” A Geoffrey Morgan article elsewhere in the Sept. 17 Edmonton Journal states that “currently the only dedicated Canadian fund that’s sharply growing is Quebec’s Generations Fund, established to eliminate the province’s debt.”

Third, equalization is not “funded entirely by Ottawa.” Ottawa does not fund anything — taxpayers fund and Ottawa spends. In 2018, total federal revenue from Albertans was $46.7 billion and expenditures in Alberta were $29.6 billion. Albertans contributed a net $17.1 billion, or $3,944 per person, to the rest of Canada. Quebec residents received $12.856 billion more than they contributed in 2018, for a net benefit of $1,553 per person.

Fred McDougall, Edmonton

The trouble with infill developments

Re. “Getting emotional about infill housing,” Letters, Sept. 19

I have to agree with H.R. Fast, and I would like to add to it. Most developers have little regard for the area they are building in.

They drive their tracked vehicles everywhere, block lanes for days at a time, park on neighbouring properties, causing some damage and destroy the back lanes — which the taxpayers are then left to foot the bill if and when it gets repaired.

Huge clumps of mud and clay are left on the front streets. When they are gone, the neighbouring homes and yards are left without sunshine or privacy. Iveson does not care about older homes, communities or residents. He cares only about infill and developers, which is evident because none of the bylaws are ever enforced.

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