Top Kenney advisor appointed head of new Invest Alberta corporation

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Knight Legg, a former investment banker, came under fire 10 months ago from Alberta’s NDP for billing Alberta taxpayers $45,000 in travel expenses over six months, including $18,000 for four trips to London, England.

The trips were aimed at securing international investment and their costs were consistent with government-approved rates, the government said.

NDP Opposition economic development critic Deron Bilous said in a statement Wednesday that Kenney’s strategy to attract investment and jobs isn’t working and the work of Invest Alberta was redundant.

“All this corporation does is duplicate work already being done by the minister. Instead of creating jobs for his close friends and insiders, Jason Kenney needs to focus on getting Albertans back to work,” said Bilous.

In the legislature June 11, Finance Minister Travis Toews responded to NDP questions about Knight Legg billing for another $59,000 in travel expenses over six months by saying the government made no apology for reaching out to the global investment community to attract investment.

“Back in 2017 the then-premier, the honorable leader of the opposition, a minister, and six staff spent $10,000 in five nights. We will not be lectured on costs,” said Toews.

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