Alberta reaches ‘testing milestone’ in battle to slow spread of COVID-19

Alberta has reached what the government is calling a “testing milestone” in its battle to control the spread of the coronavirus.

The province’s health minister and chief medical officer of health are expected to talk about that, and give the latest update on COVID-19, at a new conference on Monday.

Tyler Shandro and Dr. Deena Hinshaw and are scheduled to speak at 3:30 p.m. MT.

You can watch them here live.

On Monday, Hinshaw wrote on Twitter that she will provide her update from home.

“On Friday, I developed a sore throat and was tested for COVID-19,” Hinshaw said in a tweet. “I received my negative result but will remain at home until my symptoms resolve. 

“As I’ve said before, staying home while sick or experiencing mild symptoms is important. Especially as we head into influenza season, we can help protect our loved ones by staying home until all our symptoms are gone.”

As of Friday, a total of 968,031 people across Alberta had been tested for COVID-19.

A breakdown of the numbers shows that 56 per cent of those tested were female, while 44 per cent were male.

People aged 20 to 49 accounted for almost half the tests (49 per cent). Children and teens aged 19 and under accounted for nine per cent of the tests.

The province has ramped up testing recently. Over the past two weeks, laboratories completed 181,461 tests, an average of 12,961 each day.

Here are the test numbers for the past two weeks.

  • Thursday, Sept. 24, 14,211 tests completed
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23, 12,317 tests completed.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 22: 12,317 tests completed.
  • Monday, Sept. 21: 14,267 tests completed.
  • Sunday, Sept. 20: 12,760 tests completed.
  • Saturday, Sept. 19: 9,748 tests completed.
  • Friday, Sept. 18: 119 12,451 tests completed.
  • Thursday, Sept. 17: 11,316 tests completed.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 16: 13,011 tests completed.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 15: 12,546 tests completed.
  • Monday, Sept. 14: 12,989 tests completed.
  • Sunday, Sept. 13: 14,454 tests completed.
  • Saturday, Sept. 12: 18,919 tests completed.
  • Friday, Sept. 11: 12,759 tests completed.

During the two weeks in late April and early May when new daily cases were peaking, laboratories completed 59,298 tests, an average of 4,235 each day.

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