New 42-unit supportive housing complex opening in northeast Edmonton

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Thomas said this new housing initiative will allow her an affordable place to stay while also being able to receive onsite medical care.

“That’s what I like about living here, is that they’re going to provide palliative care and have nurses come visit, which will be very helpful to me because chemotherapy is not fun,” she said during the grand opening announcement Monday afternoon. “It’s just a load off my back being able to come here and how fast the process was, with my sickness that nobody plans for.”

The Alberta and Canada governments jointly contributed $6 million for this project, which created more than 70 jobs. The City of Edmonton allocated $3 million through its affordable housing grant program.

Speaking at the event Monday, Alberta’s Seniors and Housing Minister Josephine Pon said she is pleased to see the new housing project open its doors and the province is working closely with other levels of government to invest further.

Pon pointed to the federal government’s recent announcement of $1 billion to purchase land or existing buildings to be converted into permanent, supportive housing as a good start, but didn’t commit to any additional funding from the province until the finer details are sorted out.

“We’re always supporting municipalities, however we have to look at all the detailed plans of what the federal government offers for $1 billion and then we’re going to work on what we can do in supporting the municipalities and the federal government,” she said.

Mayor Don Iveson is calling for $386.6 million from senior levels of government to help Edmonton end homelessness by purchasing 600 existing hotel units to be converted into housing, constructing 254 new supportive housing units as well as 2,000 units of non-market affordable housing over the next three years.

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