Going Bogue: The Backyard Headbangers Ball rallies Edmonton’s punk community

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Derrick Schultz of Tooth&Nail performed with The Rubber Bully’s at The Backyard Headbangers Ball on Saturday, Sept. 26. Photo by Ryan Garner /Postmedia

But according to Cikulak they “kept writing new songs and forgot the old ones” during the break, compiling a new album called Empirical Disaster that’s set for release this week, featuring a “heavier, more mathematic” sound.

They were followed up by hardcore behemoths Bogue Brigade, who had the crowd swirling after the sun went down, propelled by a set that included all-out bangers Destiny Calls and Ghandi.

Sounding tight after an extended layoff, thanks in part to Logan Ware’s sound mixing wizardry, the performance was as epic as anything we’ve seen lately. Fireworks shot off intermittently leading up to the frenzied closer, Dishonorable Judge, that had attendees howling their approval and shouting for more.

Bogue Brigade performed at The Backyard Headbangers Ball on Saturday, Sept. 26. Photo by Ryan Garner /Postmedia

“How do you feel?” is a lazy question posed by lazy journalists, but felt appropriate when discussing each band’s return to the stage after COVID essentially killed the music. In each case the query brought about a wide smile and gratitude for having a place not only a place play, but gather together with familiar faces after a summer of semi-seclusion.

In fact, the last time the Journal interacted with most of the bands was at Yuletide Bonanza 3, held at the Starlite Room on Dec. 14, 2019. In hindsight, it’s somewhat eerie looking back at their responses to the question “What’s coming up in 2020?”

Bogue Brigade mentioned the Punk Rock Mountain Sideshow — featuring the last gig the band played before Saturday, in Fernie, B.C., in late February — while The Rubber Bully’s anticipated their second release. Ironically, Tooth&Nail dismissed this forlorn year all together, saying “Forget 2020, we’re playing Dec. 20 at Industry House.”

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