FAQ: What is Groundwork and how can I get involved?

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Why is the Edmonton Journal launching this project?

We want to be more deliberate about how we listen and work with community members, and bring them into the process early on so it shapes the news gathering process.

When members of the public get the chance to share their perspective, they often ask insightful questions that lead reporters to dig deeper for answers in new areas. This leads to new understanding, and the solutions suggested by members of the community can get people thinking and planning together.

How can I follow the Edmonton Journal’s progress?

We’ll be collecting all of the survey opportunities, articles and updates at edmontonjournal.com/groundwork. Check back, or send Elise Stolte a note on Twitter, Facebook or by email to find out what’s next.

What can I expect during virtual office hours?

This will be an informal conversation. We’ll go around the circle and you’ll be invited to share why you came. Then we’ll explore what participants think the biggest issue on the topic selected is and what they see as a possible solution.

You can expect us to follow up with you afterward if we have further questions, to share the coverage that follows these conversations, and with a survey so we can understand from your perspective how this went.

How can I sign up for virtual office hours?

We’re using EventBrite to manage registrations. You’ll be asked to choose a time and register, then you’ll get a confirmation email that includes a link to the “Online Event page.” Just before the virtual office hours, click on that link in the email and it will bring you to a website where the Google Meet link is embedded. You’ll click on the big image with a small play button to start. You shouldn’t need to download anything to participate.

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