Wednesday’s letters: Addicts deserve UCP’s empathy too

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Lloyd Lovatt, Edmonton

Old remand centre perfect for MLAs

I see again that someone is writing in to suggest the old remand centre be used to house the homeless. They mention its large kitchen and a few other things. Well, it was a jail, and a lot of homeless people may have issues being sent to a jail, even a repurposed jail.

I had suggested a couple of years ago that the old remand be reused to house out-of-town MLAs. It has that big kitchen, as well as large double-height ceilinged open areas for meetings and presentations. It is also a secure facility. It also has access via tunnels, through the courthouse to the LRT, which has underground access to the legislature.

It would be a win-win; the province would save a lot of money not having to pay for houses or apartments for these MLAs, and the MLAs would have a secure quiet place to work from

Jim Orfino, Edmonton

Delay ward renaming until after election

The city of Edmonton council has pulled some questionable things in the past. But changing the ward numbers to names that are unpronounceable and totally meaningless names to nearly 95 per cent of the population tops all of them.

They say we must learn to understand and pronounce these strange names. We already have names we understand. Why weren’t the people of Edmonton given a chance to approve or disapprove of this ridiculous idea? There are people out there who insist on changing our history and accommodate theirs. We have grown used to city council acting on the demands of a few dozen people, but it is time for us to object to these types of huge changes, such as the ward system name renovation.

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