Groundwork: Share your perspective here on schools in the age of Covid-19

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It’s already been roughly one month since an exceptionally difficult and chaotic start to the school year.

Some basic questions such as how schools respond to outbreaks have now been answered. But there are lingering questions about how schools handle these large-scale isolations, or how kids learn when group activity is restricted by health protocols, and what the longer term effect of the shutdown has been. At least, those are some of my questions.

Groundwork is about your questions.

We want to dig deeper and better understand the challenges facing K – 12 education today, in the age of Covid-19. Will you help us ground that effort in community concerns? Will you give us your perspectives, anecdotes, worries and solutions so we can make sure this journalism is as relevant and helpful as possible?

We’ve set up two ways to hear from you.

Virtual office hours: Join journalist Elise Stolte for an informal, online discussion about the challenges facing students, teachers and parents in the age of Covid-19 by registering for one of three sessions. They are each one hour in length.

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