Thursday’s letters: Alberta’s options in Canada are limited

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Please know I consider myself a proud Canadian. However, when abject unfairness toward our province and main industry is the guiding principle of our federal government and our “friends” in Quebec, our options are not only limited, pragmatically speaking, they are fully neutered.

I do remain hopeful some positive recognition of our beloved province and what we do for Canada will show up in Ottawa’s policies but know that will not happen under the current administration or future Liberal governments.

The real question is how much longer do we continue hoping for this fairness to magically appear while being bullied and put down for simply trying to be good Canadians. Not much longer in my mind, but as they say, hope springs external.

Mark Norris, Edmonton

Alberta should invest in the future

In Securing Alberta’s Future in Tuesday’s Edmonton Journal, the authors blame our federal government for our province’s current vulnerability and economic woes.

They believe Alberta needs more influence and autonomy in its affairs, for pensions, policing and energy policy. The article includes a veiled threat to separate if demands are not met.

Quebec is mentioned as a province with its own police force, income tax collection regime and pension plan. What the editorial does not mention are the extra costs (and risks) incurred by Quebec for operating these provincially, and the much higher tax burden of Quebecers relative to Albertans.

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