Friday’s letters: Tam criticism misses the mark

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Andrew Chan, Edmonton

Hinshaw’s article bolsters Albertans

Re. “A second wave of COVID-19 is not inevitable,” Opinion, Sept. 29

Thank you Dr. Hinshaw for your letter to the editor of the Edmonton Journal that was published on Sept. 29. It demonstrates your background as a “true Albertan” and your stalwart belief in this province and its people.

It’s certainly encouraging for me to be bolstered by your letter that a second wave of coronavirus is not inevitable if we continue to care for one another as we have a reputation for doing.

Lynn Thoma Roche, Edmonton

Albertans will adapt and prosper

Re. “Securing Alberta’s future,” Opinion, Sept. 29

The proposals made by Mintz, Morton and Flanagan ignore the truth about why Alberta is in its current situation. A combination of low world oil prices, tying ourselves primarily to one market because of the 1988 free trade agreement, and the failure of industry to build pipeline capacity to other markets before it was actually needed are the main reasons, notwithstanding the coronavirus pandemic, why the Alberta economy is in tatters.

Otherwise, Alberta has done really well even under the “predatory and destructive policies from Ottawa” as Albertans still have the highest household incomes of all provinces despite our economic downturn. Would Mintz, Morton, and Flanagan characterize 10 years of Harper government policies as “predatory and destructive?” Surely, Harper should have been able to fix a lot of these problems in his 10 years as prime minister.

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