Saturday’s letters: Presidential debate cartoon unfair to Biden

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You have zero knowledge on how to run this province and less than zero when it comes to managing our finances. Maybe you’re hoping if we’re all addicted to something, we won’t notice your absolute incompetence.

Inez Dyer, Edmonton

Calling protesters racist is wrong

For local politicians to come out and label people who I see as concerned citizens, saying that “All lives matter” is hate speech and racist, is to me offensive and wrong. Labelling all white people as white supremacists is itself racist.

Of course all lives matter. How crazy is this world becoming? The Marxists must be laughing.

M.P. Thorsell, Sherwood Park

We must act now to prevent extinctions

The London Zoological Society and World Wildlife Fund recently published a devastating report on the dramatic and profound decline of animal populations around the globe.

The data showed that animal populations have declined by 68 per cent since 1970. This crisis is driven by agriculture, deforestation, unsustainable fisheries, invasive species, climate change, poaching, pesticide and continues to be exacerbated every day.

Many Canadians feel distant and untouched by this unprecedented crisis. They are wrong. It is happening in our own backyard. In fact, hundreds of species are at risk in Canada. The recently reported extinction of the Maligne Lake caribou herd in Jasper National Park is the latest dark chapter of this catastrophic story.

We need to share the planet. We must build better sustainable practices. In many instances, for species that have been severely impacted by humanity, we need to build multidisciplinary partnerships to restore animal populations before they go extinct.

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