Health Canada recalls eye drops that claimed to contain human placenta from Edmonton business

An unauthorized eye drop has been recalled by Health Canada after an Edmonton business was found to be selling the product.

Regener-Eyes Ophthalmic Solution was being imported and sold by the Calgary Trail Vision Centre in south Edmonton. But this past Monday, Health Canada announced it was recalling this unauthorized product, because it claims to contain placenta materials.

Health Canada is advising people not to use this eye drop, because it could pose a health risk due to potentially containing human placenta. Health Canada has said health products containing human placenta don’t meet the definition of a drug under the country’s Food and Drugs Act.

The Calgary Trail Vision Centre was directed to immediately stop importing and selling these eye drops.

No health products containing human placenta have been authorized by Health Canada, and no Canadian businesses have been licensed to manufacture, package or distribute products containing human placenta, according to a notice from Health Canada.

Human placenta poses a health risk because it could contain bacteria like group B streptococcus or viruses like hepatitis or HIV, the notice warns.

Health Canada has also said people who experience adverse health effects from taking products with human placenta should report this to them.

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