For the love of music: Sheri Barclay’s radio comes home from New York

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“In the streaming world hip hop and EDM dominate, and that’s awesome, but as an indie rock fan I like having a place where that can thrive and live on.”

There’s even a dedicated hour every Sunday from Montreal — check out the full schedule online — called The Edmonton Show by ex-pat Maria Elena Martire.

Sheri Barclay is the founder/producer for KPISS.FM, an eclectic internet radio station that she operates out of her Edmonton home. Her show is on every Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. Photo by Larry Wong /Postmedia

Bringing up Edmonton legend Bob Ruzycka, aka the Singing Dentist, who owned Transit Hotel for 36 years, Barclay notes, “I’m a huge Edmonton nerd.” (Her show is 3 p.m. every Friday.) “I’m getting older now, so bands like Bebop Cortez, Old Reliable, all these bands that were happening in Edmonton in the 2000s are still new to me.

“I’m really into Jensen Interceptor,” she says, citing the early ’80s local rock act.

“Running this business, I can’t really be a brat any more. We’ve all grown up a lot.”

That said, along with the station’s punk name, Barclay is still hilariously colouring outside the lines of typical radio.

“I started marketing the station on Tinder and I purposefully set the age to 45+ because I know those are the people who care about what Jensen Interceptor is,” she laughs.

“I made it very clear I’m never going to meet them. I’m here to make friends and promote my show. One guy I met has been donating for three months now. He was on a road trip with his 13-year-old son and they pulled over and he asked me to wish his son happy birthday on the radio live and I did.”

She laughs, “Honestly, I’m not a spring chicken anymore and it’s truly complicated being deeply connected to both New York and Edmonton. But at the end of the day if I hooked up with a nice guy from Tinder or Synagogue or Record Collector’s Paradise, I would stay. Actually maybe Hinge; Hinge is better.”

“Walking around Inglewood putting pictures on Instagram, people are like, ‘What is this Edmonton place?’ But think about Leonard Cohen, he was a changed man after he spent the night with those chicks at the Hotel MacDonald.

“I feel like Edmonton is driving this whole train.”


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