“Head-scratching asset management”: Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland blasted for draft day moves

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So what has Holland done thats made you go “Good job Ken” besides getting rid of Lucic for Neal & 3rd.

As for the Holloway pick, there was more variation in the reaction, but much of it was negative, just as it was last year when the Oilers selected Philip Broberg, who has since improved his stock with strong play in the Sweden Elite League.

Here’s what was said by Oilers fans on Twitter about the Holloway pick:

Socks @razorback56
I like the pick. Big power forward that might be ready to play very soon.

Jason Adams @AdamsOnHockey
While I don’t love the Holloway pick, it’s better than a Guhle pick. Holloway might maybe be a 3C in about five years time if everything breaks right. Stauffer’s comparable was Marty Reasoner. I am decidedly un-thrilled…Holloway being comfortable on the LW does make me feel a bit better, and the kid does seem thrilled to be an Oiler, so I feel a bit better about it. I feel he was a bit of a “safe” pick, and that’s not normally my draft strategy. I do hope he kills it for us.

Woodguy @Woodguy55
Reasoner has 1.26 pts/gm as a NCAA draft eligible, Holloway had 0.49. Bob is being very kind.

Greg Schmid @cdnmade74
Big, fast C who can play wing. Responsible in his own zone. I love the pick

Cody Stuart @betamanic
Isn’t Tyler Wright’s drafting history pretty much underperforming third line centre types?

Jason Mills @iamjasonmills
The Dylan Holloway pick kind of feels like a reach and that the Oilers maybe got seduced by size like they’ve been guilty of in the past. Hope I’m wrong, but initially, it feels disappointing that this was the player they pick in the top half of the draft.

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