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Luke Nakonnechny, Edmonton

UCP not to blame for economy

Re. “Gaming site no way to diversify economy,” Letters, Oct. 3

While you have every right to express concerns about the Alberta economy, your attribution of fault to the Alberta government and personal insults aimed at the premier are misplaced and unacceptable.

We have 14 legal gambling sites already in Alberta and adding one more legal site (based on a request) is inconsequential.

Our government has a blue ribbon financial advisory panel chaired by a distinguished economist, Dr. Jack Mintz of the University of Calgary, whose wise counsel guides this majority-elected government through Alberta’s worst crisis in history.

The global pandemic that has severely affected Canada, its provinces, territories and the world created the most serious effect on our economy; it cut off the need for fuel oil in aviation and transportation and Canada came to a grinding halt. No province was immune, and the federal government acted to support Canadians financially.

To complicate matters, Russia and Saudi Arabia flooded the oil market which lowered the price for Alberta oil.

The Journal has published daily expert articles on all the external forces affecting this great province and our government has very little control over our economy. I suggest you and others read them to develop an understanding of the facts.

B.G. MacKay, Edmonton

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