Spruce Grove senior gets 18-month conditional sentence for neglecting to report wife’s death

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“We have someone who has no history of violence, no history of anything but being a damn good husband and father and primary care provider to his wife,” Oliver said. “His alcoholism increased as her condition worsened. He was still living in the apartment during that period that she certainly must have died but he was coming and going from the apartment in a total zombie-like state.”

During sentencing, Clackson ordered an 18-month conditional sentence to be served in the community.

Joyes said he understood what he did was wrong and promised to continue treatment for alcoholism.

“In retrospect, I realize that my alcoholism was totally out of control,” he said. “I have no excuses per se for what happened other than the fact that a lot of those things that did happen I can’t even remember. I know now after spending a lot of time in those institutions that I (had a) disease. I feel like I spent almost two and a half years now fighting that disease successfully.”

Crown attorney Scott Pittman said health-care workers last checked Freda Joyes on May 20 but were prevented from seeing her by her husband over the following days.

Taking that into consideration, Clackson said he believed the sentencing is appropriate.

“The penalty that will be imposed upon Mr. Joyes is one that reflects the need to be conscious of the need to allow for individual rehabilitation and yet provide sufficient deterrent effect to those who might be like-minded people, although I can’t imagine that these particular, somewhat unusual circumstances, would ever repeat themselves,” he said. “At least to this example.”



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