Food truck serves Edmontonians suffering financially during the pandemic

EDMONTON — A new food truck has made its way into our city this week, but its menu is reserved for a very special clientele.

The CANAVUA Community Food Truck serves those that are suffering during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and can’t afford to feed themselves.

Dickie Dikamba is the Executive Director of CANAVUA, a nonprofit organization in Edmonton. He first had the idea of a food truck back in March.

“People are struggling in the pandemic. There is some people who have no food on the table, so we ought to help those people,” he explained.

With some funding help from the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission and a private company, Brother Fabrication, his dream became a reality.

The CANAVUA Community Food Truck gave out its inaugural serving Wednesday afternoon. Stationed near the Value Village on Fort Road and 137 Avenue they are set to serve up to 350 people, and had already given out 150 hot meals in the first hour.

The CANAVUA Community Food Truck

“People they are saying thank you very much, we really appreciate, we do not have food on our table, so people that aren’t working can just get food. It’s amazing, It’s amazing, they love it,” said Dikamba.

The organization is still hoping for some federal funding to help it operate, but until then they still plan to have the truck out three times a week making sure that no one goes hungry.

Anyone that needs a meal can show up to the food truck. 

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