Banff National Park reopens popular scenic drive to all public vehicles

CALGARY — If driving out into the mountains is part of your future plans, you will be able to access the Bow Valley Parkway once more.

The highway that runs between Banff and Castle Junction was closed to all public motor vehicles earlier this year to allow for proper physical distancing on the frequent stops along the route.

As a result, only cyclists and hikers could access the road that leads to the Johnston Canyon trail, one of the most popular destinations in that area of the national park.

Officials say as of Sunday, the highway is once again open to all public access but visitors must adhere to health protocols when they are outside their vehicles.

This reminder includes anyone in Johnston Canyon.

“Consider wearing a mask, as it may be difficult to maintain 2 metres of distance,” the post on social media reads.

Anyone willing to brave the cold is also reminded that the trail could be slippery and dangerous, so they should come properly equipped.

“Cleats and hiking poles are strongly recommended due to icy conditions.”

Officials say the closure also allowed wildlife to reclaim the area.

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