Alberta records daily-high 20 COVID-19 deaths, exceeds 10,000 active cases

EDMONTON — Alberta had its deadliest day of the pandemic on Sunday when 20 Albertans died from the coronavirus.

Fourteen of the 20 deaths are connected to outbreaks at hospitals and continuing care facilities across the province.

Alberta has recorded 427 COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.

“As our cases rise, our deaths will rise. Every time I speak about deaths I offer condolences because each other of these people will be missed and mourned,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said. “The measures in place right now are literally a matter of live and death and the choices Albertans are making right now will determine our future in a few weeks.”

Dr. Hinshaw also reported 860 new infections Monday after Alberta Health Services conducted more than 12,000 tests.

With that, active infections reached 10,031.

There are 264 Albertans with COVID-19 in hospital. Fifty-seven of them are admitted to ICU.

“These numbers continue to be concerning. While we have spoken about Edmonton’s hospital capacity and surgery cancellations, I want to stress that this is concern across the province.”

Alberta has recorded 40,189 cases to date.

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