Warm start to January, but that’s nothing new. Wait… what?

EDMONTON — December was 5 degrees warmer than average** in Edmonton and January’s off to the same start.

However, that’s not really “NEWS”.  We’re often quite warm in the first week of January.

More the short-term forecast in a moment.  First, take a look at THIS:

We’re forecasting SIX days above zero in this first week of January.  

That may seem like a lot.  But, we had 5 days above zero in 2018.

AND…in the past 20 years, Edmonton has AVERAGED 3 days above zero in the first week of January!


So, this warm start to the new year shouldn’t really come as a “surprise”.  In the past two decades, we’ve had just as many years with 5 days above zero in the first week as NO days above zero.(in both cases, five)


Daytime highs will be just slightly above zero today and Tuesday before climbing in the 5 degree range for Wednesday.


As for precipitation – not much chance of significant snow for the Edmonton area over the next 5 to 7 days.

HOWEVER, this IS a risk of some freezing rain/wet snow/rain-snow mix in the area tonight.


A low pressure system will slide across central AB tonight.  1 to 3 cm of snow is possible across parts of northern Alberta.

But, in areas from Edmonton south to the Rocky Mountain House/Red Deer region there will be some pockets of mixed precipitation and a chance of freezing rain.

Areas further east in the Lloydminster/Coronation region gets that precip late tonight/early Tuesday morning.

Outside of that, it’s a pretty dry forecast for the next few days in and around Edmonton.


**Edmonton had an average high of 0.4 and a median temperature (high/low combo) of -4.3 in 2020.

The 1981-2010 averages are -4.5 and -8.8 (for the high & median).  So, that puts this year about 5 degrees warmer than the previous 30-year average.

However, if you compare 2020 to older data, it was even further above the “normals”.

December 2020:  0.4 & -4.3  (avg high & median temperature)

1981 – 2010:   -4.5 & -8.8

1971 – 2000:   -5.4 & -9.6

1961 – 1990:   -6.3 & -10.5



  • Today – Sunny this morning.  Increasing afternoon cloud.
  • High:  1
  • Tonight – Mostly cloudy overnight.  
  • Slight risk of freezing rain and/or flurries.
  • 9pm:  -4
  • Tuesday – Clearing in the morning.  Sunny in the afternoon.
  • Morning Low:  -4
  • Afternoon High:  2
  • Wednesday – Sunny with a few clouds.
  • Morning Low:  -4
  • Afternoon High:  5
  • Thursday – Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -8
  • Afternoon High:  1
  • Friday – Mainly sunny.
  • Morning Low:  -9
  • Afternoon High:  0
  • Saturday – Mainly sunny.
  • Morning Low:  -10
  • Afternoon High:  1

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