Flying Canoe Volant ready to take flight in Edmonton

EDMONTON — Another winter festival is ready to take flight in Edmonton on Monday. The Flying Canoe Volant is rooted in French-Canadian and Indigenous legends and folklore.

Because of the pandemic, festival organizers have had to cancel canoe rides, snow slides, and indoor events, but they’re still working on creating the sights and sounds of the flying canoe volants with more than 60 light installations for participants to see.

“You can sign up to get a timed spot so that we’ll only have theoretically like 2,000 people across the 2.5 kilometres, and that should be enough distance,” said festival official Dylan Toymaker.

“They’ll be some pieces that are telling the story; there will be some pieces that are just beautiful light art.”

The Flying Canoe runs until next Saturday. You can sign up for a timed spot to visit the festival online. 

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