Ducklings rescued from storm drain

EDMONTON — It took several hours, but Edmonton firefighters were able to rescue a family of ducklings that fell into a storm drain Friday morning.

The crew arrived at 217 Street and Rosenthal Boulevard at 10:14 a.m. EPCOR and a technical rescue team arrived later to help with the rescue.

At 12:15 p.m. three out of four ducklings had been saved. EPCOR stayed behind to work on rescuing the last duckling.

The recued ducklings were successfully returned to a nearby pond.

Duckling Rescue

EPCOR said anyone who found ducklings or goslings stuck in a catch basin or stormwater facility to contact its partner WILDNorth, which helps rescue and rehabilitate injured or orphaned wildlife. 

WILDNorth has given training to EPCOR employees to rescue migratory birds and their babies from EPCOR’s catch basins. 

WildNorth can be reached at 780-914-4118. 

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