Gas prices surge in Alberta, experts warn higher prices to come

EDMONTON — Commuters woke up to higher gas prices than normal and some experts believe it is only the beginning of a costly summer at the pumps.

An average price at the pumps this year is 139.9, marking a new high since 2018’s 136.2-a-litre.

Fuel prices jumped across the province Friday, with prices as high as 142.9 at some southern Alberta stations.

Dan McTeague predicted the record-breaking hike, citing American refineries struggling to keep pace with a sizable upswing in demand that most experts didn’t anticipate.

“U.S. Midwest refineries are having a challenge responding to demand in the United States, especially in that region,” the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy and gas price expert said.

“It’s likely that we are going to continue to see these high record prices,” McTeague said. “If you think now is bad, let this be a warning to what we’re going to be paying going forward.”

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