The pinch at the pump, gas prices jump ahead of long weekend

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You may find you’re paying more for gas ahead of the Thanksgiving long weekend.

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The average price of gas around the province is $1.34 per litre but there have been reports that prices at some stations have gone even higher, hitting the $1.41 per litre mark.

On average gas prices are up 2.4 cents per litre from yesterday. Compared to last year at this time gas was hovering around the $1.00 per litre mark. 

Alberta and Saskatchewan are seeing the lowest prices on average in all of Canada. The most expensive places to purchase gas are in Newfoundland, with prices averaging $1.55 per litre, and British Columbia with an average price of $1.49 per litre.

You may be able to find some deals on gas but you might also find yourself waiting in a long line at the pumps. Check out the GasBuddy website to find up-to-date gas prices and deals to help soften the blow to your bank account.

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