AUMA ‘refreshes’ brand and changes name to Alberta Municipalities on first day of convention

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The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) on Wednesday changed its name and branding to Alberta Municipalities.

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Angela Duncan, deputy mayor of Alberta Beach and interim president of the newly renamed organization, told about 1,100 delegates at its three-day convention in Edmonton that the time had come to refresh the brand.

“It’s been almost 30 years since (we) refreshed the brand,” she said. “Brands need to evolve over time. This is the perfect time for our association to evolve.”

The change applies to its name, website , logo and public-facing image, though legal changes to the name will be put to a special resolution at the Municipal Leaders Caucus next March.

After a period of consultation with its members, the organization found many of them don’t relate to “urban” in the former name and want to define themselves as municipalities and communities, Duncan said.

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It also discovered that having both the AMSC (Alberta Municipal Services Corporation) for its business services and the AUMA was confusing to members.

“We felt that instead of having two brands, a single brand would more represent the advocacy and support we provide,” she said.

Convention staff gave the hundreds of delegates gift bags containing new branded items such as scarves, coffee mugs, masks and stationary.

In a phone call after her presentation, she said the functions of Alberta Municipalities’ subsidiary entity the AMSC, the APEX pension plan and its insurance services will continue as usual.

“Our operational structure won’t change,” she said. “We’ll just refer to all of our companies as Alberta Municipalities. So from now on, if I attend an ‘AUMA’ board meeting, it will now be just an Alberta Municipalities board meeting.”

Legally, and in terms of the organization’s bylaws, the subsidiary bodies will work under their individual names until members adopt the special resolution next year.

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