Fees, rates and utility bills: Get your questions answered before a summer spike

Ack! Do you ever stare at those rates and fees on your utility bill and think: ‘What the heck?’

You’re not alone! And we’ve been hearing it.

So we put together something to help: A one-hour online forum with local experts to answer questions such as

  • What does it actually mean to lock in your rate, and what questions should you ask first?
  • What if you’re renting?
  • What are all those fees on your bill?
  • If you get a bill you can’t pay, what are your options?
  • What are the best low-cost ways to reduce your energy consumption?

Alberta saw record-breaking electricity prices during the winter. They’ve come back down now but are expected to jump again this summer. It’s not too late to learn how to get the best rates and to reduce heat and power use at home.

Join host Judy Aldous (from Alberta@Noon) at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13.

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Our expert panel

Salwa El-Maghwry has seen hundreds of Enmax and other utility bills in her work as the utilities expert on the Rise Calgary team. She regularly calls Enmax staff to advocate on behalf of families struggling with their bills, giving her a read on what payment plans and options are possible.

Chris Hunt leads Alberta’s office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate. His staff take thousands of calls from Albertans seeking advice as they navigate Alberta’s power and gas market. He also argues on behalf of consumers when utility companies try to increase fees. 

Mehrdad Zabihi is an Energy Mentor with Empower Me, which runs workshops to help community members minimize their utility bills. He has direct experience learning the ropes in a new climate, after moving to Canada from Iran six years ago.

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