University of Alberta develops sanitization tech to kill COVID-19 virus

A new sanitization product aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 will soon be used in Edmonton and Calgary.

The Teser Act unit was developed through a partnership between scientists at the University Alberta and Calgary based on advanced sanitization technologies company TESER.

It uses ultraviolet-C light (UVC) from hundreds of LED bulbs to kill viruses including the flu, common cold viruses, and E.Coli bacteria, a U of A release explained.

“We determined how much UVC light was required to fully inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus and prevent it from replicating,” said Ryan Noyce, research associate at the University of Alberta.

Researchers found the technology was able to kill the virus within just one minute.

The university says while UVC light has been known to kill pathogens for around a century, TESER needed scientific proof that it would be effective against COVID-19 in order to meet Health Canada regulations.

The company created two models which are able to sanitize everything from cellphones to luggage and non-invasive medical instruments.

“Any item that can fit inside the unit can be santized,” said John Fox, vice president of operations at TESER.

The microwave-sized unit will soon be used at the Edmonton International Airport and government offices in Edmonton and Calgary.

The project was funded with help of the Alberta government through research and innovation agencies including Alberta Innovates and InnoTech Alberta.

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