Federal environment minister says no green tax on pickup trucks

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says Conservative MPs are spreading lies that the government has a secret plan to tax pickup trucks over their greenhouse gas emissions.

The federal Conservatives and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney say that the government is planning a “tax on trucks” by extending a green levy on the purchase of higher-emitting cars and SUVs to also include pickups.

It is one of more than three dozen recommendations made by the government’s net zero advisory body last month in its submission ahead of the Liberals’ new emissions reduction plan.

Extending the levy is not listed in that new plan and Guilbeault says the government is not doing it.

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He says the Conservatives are spreading disinformation and “fear mongering” about it to score political points.

The former Conservative government introduced the green levy on cars and SUVS in their 2007 budget calling it a “green levy on gas guzzlers” to add $1,000 to $4,000 vehicles with the worst mileage numbers.

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