Canadian Blood Services sounds alarm with national inventory down 25 per cent

Canadian Blood Services is pleading for eligible donors to step up as the national inventory has dropped significantly.

According to the organization, reserves have declined by 25 per cent since the beginning of April.

It says cancellations and low attendance at donor centres across the country has left it scrambling to collect blood, platelets and plasma.

“We’ve seen that 10 per cent increase in cancellations and missed appointments since March,” said , Gayle Voyer, Canadian Blood Services associate director of donor relations for B.C. and Yukon.

“We think it comes down to maybe people not feeling well, maybe people travelling a bit more.

Voyer says they usually see a drop off in donors during the summer, which makes spring a crucial time.

“That does raise a concern because typically were building up our inventory for the demand of hospital patients as we go into the summer when we do see people get out of their routines. So, it’s earlier than were expecting,” said Voyer.

CBS says that one out of every two Canadians are eligible to donate blood, but only one out of every 82 does.


The organization will be seeking out more donors like 27 year-old Max Proske, who tells CTV News he’s now donated over 100 times.

“Every minute of every day there’s someone who needs blood whether it’s a leukemia patient or a trauma patient or an emergency,” Proske said.

Proske said he began by giving blood as an 18-year-old but has since transitioned into giving platelets, the smallest of blood cells which are often used to treat cancer patients.

“I was inspired by my dad who is a lifelong donor and a cancer survivor,” Proske said.

“We’re a family of donors.”

Proske would like to see his fellow Canadians step up and donate during this crucial period.

“Blood is like a carton of milk, it always needs to be replaced, if you’re eligible, please book,” he said.

To find out if you’re eligible, you can visit the CBS website and take an online quiz.

If eligible, potential donors can book on the website or call 1-888-236 6283.

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