T-shirt tribute to unlikely heroes known as ‘Hawaiian Shirt Guy’ and ‘Two-By-Four Guy’

The two unlikely heroes — a mustachioed man in a Hawaiian shirt and a Good Samaritan armed with a plank of lumber — who stopped an Edmonton arsonist in his tracks will be immortalized on technicolour cotton.

The designed-in-Edmonton T-shirt pays homage to “Hawaiian Shirt Guy” and his trusty sidekick “Two-by-Four Guy.”

The men, whose identities remain shrouded in mystery, helped in a citizen’s arrest on Whyte Avenue on April 13 when a man doused more than a dozen vehicles with gasoline before setting them on fire. 

When the alleged arsonist stopped in for a grande macchiato at a nearby Starbucks, the bystanders rushed in and tackled him to the ground.

Edmonton illustrator Jason Blower watched the hectic night unfold through videos and photographs posted to social media.

Seeing the men pin the alleged arsonist to the ground before police arrived on scene, Blower felt inspired.

“These two gentlemen stepped up in a heroic way and took charge of an out-of-control situation,” Blower said in an interview with CBC Edmonton’s Radio Active.

“These are great guys. They stepped up when it was time to step up to do some good.”

This video posted by user spincrisis on Reddit shows the arrest of suspect who allegedly damaged 13 vehicles on Whyte Avenue Friday night. 3:34

Blower’s T-shirt design pays homage to the Hawaii Five-0 television series, which follows a crime-fighting duo as they bust crooks on the beaches of the Aloha State.  

“I call it the Edmonton 780 shirt,” Blower said.

“It has the Hawaiian shirt guy, the two-by-four guy, the High Level Bridge, Alberta palm trees — which are pine trees with all the branches cut off — lots of flames and a jerry can.”

The shirts are selling for $35 each. Blower will take pre-orders until the end of May.

Net proceeds will benefit mental health agency, We All Believe in You. Blower said hundreds of people have already placed their orders.

While he never expects to meet his muses, Blower said he’s happy to follow their lead and do something good.

“I like the mystery,” he said. “It’s amazing when people do things and they don’t feel like they need any credit for it.”

“Edmonton is an interesting city, we really embrace our identity. And when things happen, we latch onto them and create a mythos around them. And that’s exactly what happened with these two guys, they stepped in in a way that most people weren’t.”

Malice Sutton, 22, is facing 19 charges, including 11 counts of arson to property, three counts of arson to property with disregard for human life, four charges of possessing incendiary material and one count of assault with a weapon.