Water quality advisories issued for parks at Sturgeon, Wabamun lakes

Alberta Health Services has issued a water quality advisory for the water of Williamson Provincial Park at Sturgeon Lake, approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

AHS advised the public not to swim or wade in the waters due to elevated levels of fecal bacteria, according to a Friday night news release. Gastrointestinal illnesses as well as skin, ear and eye infections are possible from water contact.

On Saturday, AHS issued a similar advisory for Wabamun Lake Provincial Park, approximately 60 kilometres east of Edmonton.

Water quality advisories for Buffalo Lake at Rochan Sands and Gull Lake at Aspen Beach, both near Red Deer, were issued earlier this week.

A blue-green algae bloom advisory was also issued for Sturgeon Lake on Friday after blooms were identified at Williamson Provincial Park and Young’s Point Provincial Park. Visitors were advised to avoid all contact with the bacteria and to wash with tap water as soon as possible if contact occurs.

However, exposure can be fatal to pets. Last month, three dogs reportedly died from the toxins of the bacteria.

Fish or fish trimmings from the lake should not be fed to pets.

Contact or ingestion can cause rashes, sore red eyes and throat, swollen lips, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms typically appear in one to three hours and disappear within two days.

Blue-green algae bloom advisories were issued this week for areas of Floatingstone Lake, Bear Lake, Fork Lake, Vincent Lake and Steele Lake.

Pigeon Lake was also under a blue-green algae bloom advisory as of Tuesday.