‘Easter egg hunt’ connecting communities, from a safe distance

EDMONTON — An Edmonton-area “Easter egg hunt” that is embracing physical distancing is inspiring people around the world.

“We’ve had people tell us that it’s given them a sense of community when they felt like there was none,” Charlotte Baumann Pardely told CTV Morning Live Edmonton. “It has been such a positive thing.”

Pardely started her Facebook group March 17, inviting families to hang their Easter crafts and their front doors and to paint their windows. The art was meant to spread joy to people walking by and could be used to create an “Easter egg hunt” for families practicing physical distancing.

The group had grown to more than 120,000 members on Thursday morning.  

“I never dreamed it would grow to be this big, especially this fast. I can’t wait to see how far we go between now and Easter,” she said.

Users share photos of their work and their finds to the group, helping people feel connected to their neighbours and people around the world.

Pardely has been in self-isolation since mid-March and is looking forward to seeing the works of art first-hand.  

“It has been such a positive thing.”