Future assistance dogs placed with foster families

EDMONTON — Four future assistance dogs were paired with their trainers on Friday. Dogs with Wings initially pairs dogs with foster families when they are puppies.

The entire process has changed significantly because of COVID-19. Because of the physical distancing restrictions, the foster families will take part in Zoom training sessions instead of in-person sessions.

It was also the first day the foster families got the chance to meet the puppies.

“We have four very excited families that have been waiting a long time to come pick up the puppies and bring them home,” said Doreen Slessor of Dogs with Wings. “The puppies will stay with their puppy-raising foster until they’re about 14 months old. Then they’re moved to their adult foster and that’s when we start to tailor their training to what the dog excels at.”

The dogs will go to their forever homes when they turn two.