High water in Lac Ste-Anne County causes dangerous roads

Heavy rain in Lac Ste-Anne County has caused flooding and dangerous roads.

Some roads are covered in water, others are experiencing slides.

Roadways impacted are as follows:

  • Slide at Range Road 80, south of Hwy 43
  • Slide at Range Road 71, south of Hwy 43 
  • Slide at Township Road 574 and Range Road 85
  • Slide at Township Road 553A and Range Road 61
  • Slide at Township Road 554, between Range Roads 62 and 63 at the culvert
  • Water over the road at Township Road 565 and Range Road 61A
  • Slide in the Hamlet of Sangudo at 53 Avenue.

The county says barricades and signs have been posted in impacted areas.

The Paddle River Dam Campground has also been temporarily closed because of the high water event.