Seeking rezoning in Garneau for The Hive

EDMONTON — An application has been submitted to rezone the area of 108A St. and 86 Ave. in Garneau to make way for a 22-storey residential building called The Hive.

The project by Beljan Development would contain 250 homes with some being townhouses along 108A Ave.

There would also be a small commercial space in the second floor of the building.

Parking would be mostly underground with just 23 above-ground stalls.

In addition to the rezoning application there is also an application to amend the Garneau Area Redevelopment Plan, which prevents construction on this scale at the proposed location.

Beljan has done several notable projects around the city over the past few years.

Beljan is involved with the Strathcona Hotel revitalization and was the company behind the Crawford Block redevelopment.

There is currently no date set for the public hearing.