Specialty bike theft leaves woman stranded

An Edmonton woman with mobility issues is offering a reward for the return of her specialty bike after it was stolen over the weekend.

Sandra Kirkeby says her bike disappeared overnight Sunday after she locked it up outside.

Kirkeby suffers from neck and back pain stemming from a car crash she was in 17 years ago. The bike allowed her to gain some of the freedom she had before the crash, like cycling around the block with her family.

“You know I used to be extremely active, and it was nice to have that back,” said Kirkeby. “The bike was really a bit of a godsend.”

The bike is described as more of a trike, something she bought second hand last spring for $1,500. It also had a basket at the front, as well as a neck support.

Kirkeby says saving up for a replacement trike could take years, so she is offering a reward to get it back.

She adds she would even hand the money over to the thief, no questions asked as long as she got the life-changing bike back.

 “I won’t look, I won’t say anything I’ll just be happy to get my bike back.”