Alberta Wildfire lifts off-highway vehicle ban, fire ban still in effect

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Wet conditions over the past few days have prompted Alberta officials to lift off-highway vehicle (OHV) restrictions in the province.

Alberta Wildfire said in an update Friday that they will continue to monitor the wildfire situation and the restriction can be phased back in if needed.

OHV riders are reminded to clear any debris that may build up in hotspots including the exhaust and muffler, under the seat, the wheel wells and in the engine and manifold, and to carry a small shovel, collapsible pail or fire extinguisher in case a small wildfire starts.

However, a fire ban announced April 15 remains in effect within the province’s Forest Protection Area, which covers about 60 per cent of the province including the western border and the northern half, excluding federal parks.

“This measure is in place to reduce human-caused wildfires when firefighting resources may be challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Alberta Wildfire said. “Taking action in advance to reduce the number of human-caused wildfires will allow Alberta Wildfire to make the best possible use of resources when the availability of firefighters could be reduced because of the pandemic.”