Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers look to super-size line ups for coming Battle of Alberta game

This in from the Calgary Flames, news that they have recalled gargantuan forward Buddy Robinson from the Stockton Heat of the AHL just in time for Robinson to be available for the coming Battle of Alberta game against the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday.

At the same time, the Edmonton Oilers’ latest line-up includes a return of big Jujhar Khaira to the regular line-up. From Bob Stauffer of the Oilers at Sunday’s practice:





Gagner-P Russell




Smith Koskinen

My take

  1. It’s tempting to look at every move of the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers through the lens of Tkurtlegate, and to see both teams going big for Wednesday’s game because they’re expecting fireworks in the first match since Matt Tkachuk targeted Zack Kassian with two blind side hits and Kassian targeted Tkachuk with about 20 punches.
  2. The initial thought is that the Flames have called up a tough guy for the Battle of Alberta game on Wednesday against the Oilers, but it’s worth noting that Robinson leads the Stockton heat in goal scoring this year. He’s no goon.
  3. Robinson, 28, is 6-feet, 6-inches tall and 225 pounds. In 40 games with Stockton this year, he’s got 16 goals and 30 points, along with 54 penalty minutes. He’s second on the team in penalty minutes behind middle weight Alex Gallant, 77 PIM in 29 games.
  4. Robinson has had two fights this year, had one fight last year and two fights the year before, reports Hockey There was some wild punches thrown with not many connecting in a few of those fights and a lot of hugging in a few others. He’s evidently willing to fight, but he’s no Dave “The Hammer” Schultz. He’s not even a Jujhar Khaira.
  5. Khaira has six goals and eight points in 42 games for the Oilers, along with 16 penalty minutes. Khaira has had eight fights in the last three seasons, including a bout with tough guy Micheal Haley and another with big hitter Cal Clutterbuck, which Khaira won decisively.
  6. It’s possible that Robinson won’t even play in the coming game. As for Khaira, he’s sat out a few and maybe it’s time he get back into the line-up. Maybe he’s getting another shot to prove his worth in Edmonton, or maybe the team thinks they’re more likely to be able to trade him for a useful piece if he’s in the line-up now and then. Khaira has shown flashes of talent at the NHL level. He’s had good games with talented players. But too often he’s failed to get his feet moving. He’s been too static, not forechecking hard enough and making a few too many turnovers in the d-zone.