Christmas film rushes to finish shoot as COVID-19 restrictions tighten

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For last 13 days during the escalating COVID-19 virus, a local film company raced against time to finish shooting a movie as government restrictions tightened limitations on how we gather daily.

At the most normal of times, a working film shoot is an exercise in inspired compromise. Things go wrong? You fix them — hand me that duct tape and a popsicle stick. But what do you do when government on every level is recommending extreme caution and distance? Well, for starters: follow government regulations to the letter and, whenever possible, you stand apart.

Edmonton’s Andrew Scholotiuk is producer of the in-production film, Christmas Coronation, a privately funded feature-length rom-com which finished its last day — shooting inside — Wednesday. Named long before the pandemic started, it’s dark to note the word “corona” is hidden literally within its title.

“Every six hours it seemed there was an advancement, somehow,” Scholotiuk says over the phone. “Fortunately, film productions are equipped to move quickly and adapt to ever changing situations. But this was unprecedented. We were scrambling quite quickly to figure out how do we best deal with it. There’s an old saying in entertainment, ‘the show must go on.’ But how do we do so ensuring that the crew, the cast, our families and the public are safe?”