COVID-19: Pharmacists offer friendly, accessible care amid the pandemic

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In a time of online appointments and phone consultations, Edmonton’s pharmacists are doing what they can to be a comforting face in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are open, we are helping, we are doing our best for the community,” said Mohamed Elfishawi, owner of Terwillegar Pharmacy.

Unlike appointments with doctors that may be limited during the pandemic, or waiting for hours on the 811 phone line, Elfishawi said pharmacists are accessible.

“You just need knowledge and experience and we have both.”

He estimates he’s doing 10 times the amount of work he would be doing before COVID-19 hit.

In March, as part of fighting the virus, the Alberta government permitted pharmacists to begin offering initial screening and information about COVID-19.

Elfishawi said he’s had people come in for information who were “terrified.”

“They thought they were going to die, (that) they have corona, and when I went through the symptoms with them I told them to relax, take it easy, it’s just a normal cold.”