Edmonton weather: Another day, another chance of evening thunderstorms

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A look at today’s Edmonton weather by Environment Canada.

Thursday morning temperatures at the Edmonton Blatchford station measured 14.9 C with 4 km/h winds out of the south, southwest.

Seems like this has become the “new normal.”

Man, I hate that saying. I immediately regret using it. Nowadays, it’s in every news story and every car commercial, isn’t it?

During these trying times, we know Canadians are working hard to adapt to this new normal. Buy a Volkswagen.

No. Stop. Go away.

Nonetheless, there has been a certain pattern to this summer and a lot of it centres around rain and thunderstorms. We’re not really getting those hot, hot days anymore that tend to fuel a quick rip of thunder and lightning at night. Instead, we have lingering rain and modest highs that fuel rather tepid, albeit frequent, thunderstorms. In fact, we haven’t really had a “hot” day at all this summer. We have yet to reach 30 C and haven’t really come close. The highest we got was 27.9 C back on June 23 and then again on June 12. That’s it. Some “summer” we’re having.