Hungry for entertainment? Check out food films for social distancing

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As of this writing none of us are going to be dining out any time soon.

That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy food, though, whether cooked in our own homes or enjoyed on the small screen. To help you deal with the potential ill effects of staying in we’ve put together a list of six food films for social distancing. Enjoy!

My Dinner With Andre

First off, yes we know that My Dinner with Andre is not a food movie per se. It’s a film about two old friends catching up at a New York restaurant to discuss such things as the theatre, new age philosophies, and “that masculine love of a certain kind of oily muscle” that Gregory sees in The Little Prince. That being said, the food certainly looks good at Café des Artistes in Manhattan; Gregory orders the cailles aux raisins (quail) and terrine de poisson after asking about the galuska (Hungarian dumplings), Shawn has the bramborova polevka (potato soup), and everybody is happy, even if Shawn finds the quail disappointingly small.

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