Saturday letters: Who is paying lip service to anti-racism?

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I am in complete agreement with Kaycee Madu’s column on July 8. Especially the part where Madu calls out The NDP’s lip service to take real action on racism. Nothing illustrates The New Democrats’ disingenuousness better than their dogmatic insistence to continue to give Paul Bunner gainful employment. Bunner’s storied past is rich with him blowing racist dog whistles, especially regarding our Indigenous population…. Wait? What? Paul Bunner is Jason Kenney’s speech writer? Nevermind then…

Barbara Thornton


Time for a name change

The “EE” are going to have a name change. I first attended an “EE” game at Clarke Stadium as a youngster watching the game from the Woodward’s “Knothole Gang”. I also remember watching the 1954 Grey Cup the day after on TV. The film had been flown to Edmonton the day after by the RCAF.

Might suggest the following. The Edmonton Eagles or the Edmonton Elks. Or use the gold and green. The U of A uses the green and gold.