The Edmonton Oilers’ goaltending was not the biggest factor in Game 1 loss: 9 Things

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7. Missed by the game officials at the time, the cameras (and viewers like you & me) did catch the dangerous hit Drake Caggiula delivered to Tyler Ennis Saturday. The head contact sent Ennis to the room for the remainder of the period. He’s o.k. But Caggiula now has an appointment with the Department of Player Safety today (Sunday). I expect The Drake will be delivered a 1-game suspension.

6. Some questioned how having a neutral NHL HUB in Edmonton would be an economic win for the city. They were wrong. Edmonton will gain 1,500 jobs and Alberta $60m in economic spin-off. And that’s just in the short-term. I watched a full-length feature on CNN International Saturday with Edmonton (city and facility) shown and mentioned over and over, in glowing terms. Buying advertising for that same kind of coverage would cost $MM’s. Of course, it would also help if NBC showed photos of Rogers Place and not Rexall Place.

5. The NHL has gifted Calgary a victory in the Milan LucicJames Neal trade by pro-rating the deal’s conditions out to a full 82-game schedule. That means compensation for Calgary is officially a 3rd Round pick this year or next, even though Neal didn’t reach the 21 goals the transaction stipulated. Interesting. The NHL didn’t prorate salaries or bonuses. So much for consistency, I guess. And instead of just having the balls to make Calgary adhere to previously agreed-to terms, the league instead meekly shuffled the decision over to arbitration. Quite the way of doing business, guys.