Three to See Sat., Aug. 10: Cariwest, LAL at the Grizzlar and Them!

Participants in the Cariwest parade dance their way through downtown. David Bloom / Postmedia

Cariwest parade and fetes: It’s the 35th Cariwest! The annual parade starts at noon on Jasper Avenue and 97 Street, then heads west down Jasper Ave towards 107 Street where it will make a left and move towards the final destination at the Capital Plaza located at 9820 107 St. The parade consists of several Mas Bands displaying their many months of costume design and imagination. Dancing their way down Jasper Ave, this is their moment to shine. Two fetes follow! The Big People Party continues the fun with DJ Sherman at Starlite Room, 11 p.m., tickets $20 at Also: Island Rave 2019 at Union Hall with DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo, $15 – $65, also at

Cariwest’s Island Rave 2019 is at Union Hall Saturday night.


Details: parade noon – 2 p.m. at locations noted above, no charge

LAL: This 2019 Polaris-Long-List Toronto electronic protest duo comprises Rosina Kazi and Nicolas Murray, influenced by electronic music (hip-hop, house and techno) and LAL’s history celebrating inclusivity and freedom. The band draws from experimental sonic influences from a broad range of sources, including ambient space noise recorded by satellites. In bringing these influences together, LAL wants to create an ethereal soundscape reverberating with cosmic harmony. Art pop project Goodnight, St. Idiot opens.

Details: 7:30 p.m at The Grizzlar Coffee & Records (10557 109 St.), $5-$10 at the door

Them! (1954) / King Kong Escapes (1967): For its season finale, Night Gallery presents a midnight double feature of monstrous proportions! The classic Them! follows the man playing with fire, the earliest atomic tests in New Mexico causing common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization itself. Ishiro Honda’s King Kong Escapes, meanwhile, finds the big ape captured by an evil ruler to dig for precious gems — gems! — when the robotic MechaKong is unable to do the task. Hmm, makes sense. Unfortunately, this leads to the machine and the real Kong engaging in a tremendous fight that threatens to level Japan. So lesser stakes than all of civilization, but still!

Details: 11:59 p.m. at Metro Cinema (8712 109 St.), $13 at