Thursday letters: Not the right course for health care

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Re: Danielle Smith’s column of July 10. This is not the first time that Ms. Smith has reviewed a major public policy issue through her ideological lens and reached an uncompromising black-and-white conclusion.

For the record: both Margaret Thatcher and Ralph Klein withdrew proposals for their respective health-care systems because strong public support for the current systems made it clear there would be a heavy price to pay at the ballot box. Also, both leaders were eventually dethroned after internal revolts within their own political parties.

The probable outcome of piecemeal privatization of the health care system is a US-style system in which hospitalization results in six-digit invoices. One would almost think that Mr. Shandro is trying to punish the Alberta system for performing above and beyond the call of duty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, let us not forget that Alberta has previously experimented with private surgical clinics. It was not a success. Greed and surgery are not comfortable bedmates.