Thursday’s letters: Mute raucous debaters at source

Federal party leaders Green Party leader Elizabeth May, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh before the Federal leaders debate in Gatineau, Quebec, Oct. 7, 2019. Sean Kilpatrick/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

I suppose I could just press the mute button on my remote control when debaters start shouting over one another, but wouldn’t it be better if the debate monitor just cut off the microphones of the offenders?

This would let the participants shout at each other without offending the ears of everyone else.

Mark Johnson, Edmonton

Same jobs but lower wages

With the layoffs of more than 50 nurses and other AUPE employees from a Vegreville assisted-living facility, the health minister assured the legislature that most would be hired back by the B.C. company that has been contracted.

He failed to mention the additional information contained in radio reports that they would be paid $8 per hour less than their current wages. In other words, this current UCP government under Jason Kenney is content to take money directly from the pockets of workers in Alberta to send profits to B.C.

Gayle Simonson, Edmonton

Why is city paying for leaky roof?

Can anyone explain why the city, and the taxpayers, of Edmonton are on the hook for a leaky roof on a brand new police station that the EPS has not even taken occupancy of? Shouldn’t this be covered by the builder’s warranty?

Dave Nicoll, Edmonton

Brine reprieve a chance to weigh facts

I am relieved for all Edmonton city taxpayers that the decision has been made to stop the application of calcium chloride (brine) for the next year. We should view this decision as an opportunity to look at the facts, fully consider the alternatives and then chart an informed path forward.

This, as opposed to the city administration directing a campaign of misinformation and bad science. In fact, some of the science was so poorly done, that one has to wonder whether it was borne of incompetence, or negligence.

How might we guide this in the future? Sarah Hamilton suggests we need public feedback. Well, the city tried to accomplish this with the most one-sided survey I have ever taken — it wasn’t so much asking the reader’s opinion as much as it was directing the reader to a predefined conclusion.

Instead, let’s make some effort to include independent voices in the process, to help ensure we are on a path that considers all stakeholders and uses real science to inform the direction.

Arthur Potts, Edmonton

It’s vital for Kenney to help Scheer

We are facing the most important election ever, with Alberta and its future hanging in the balance, so not only should Jason Kenney be stumping for Scheer, it is absolutely necessary to do what he can to get rid of the Trudeau mess that is our current government.

We cannot have another four years of the buffoonery that Trudeau has put us through for the last four years.

So Jason, do whatever you can to help elect a decent government.

E.A. Praught, Edmonton

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