Top NHL agent says it’s a “no brainer” to pick Edmonton as a hub city for NHL playoffs

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This in from influential NHL agent Jeff Jackson, who represents Connor McDavid, his take on the possibility of Edmonton being a hub city for the coming playoffs.

Jackson mentioned it seemed to be a given that Vegas would be a hub city but that has quickly changed due to the extent of the coronavirus outbreak there. “To me it seems like a no brainer to be having these hub cities in jurisdictions that don’t have the issues. And Alberta, and Edmonton, in particular, are well suited for that.”

The Oilers organization and the Alberta government have been productive and have put together a really good plan, Jackson said. “To me, from a player health and safety perspective, which at the end of the day is the most important thing we’re looking at here, we don’t want these guys coming back to play and having it all fall apart. So why not go to a jurisdiction or a city like Edmonton where it’s well suited and COVID is not really an issue like it is in the U.S.”